Project management made easy by Flow

Flow is a project management tool designed to help your team get more done. Everyone has different ways of getting work done, but manager role is to find a way to hit deadlines, track the time spent on tasks, and collaborate with their team. Project management tools on the market are either too lean or overkill (and require too much training). But Flow offers a beautiful and simplistic project and task management tool which can be easily adopted by any team. It gives an easy way to plan and manage any project, track tasks, balance workloads, and stay up to date with everything happening at work. Thus, managers or team leads can make team stay focused and productive every time through effective collaboration and communication. To ensure adoption, Flow not only offers an intuitive user interface but also the best user experience of the platform through its onboarding process.

Introducing dashboard to first visitors

Despite of it’s very intuitive interface, Flow integrated to its dashboard popovers to guide users through their first experience. Popovers appear when users try to organize their tasks in the dashboard and educate them on each element they interact with. So, from project management features to team collaboration feature and including resource management and task tracking features, at the end of the tour, whether users are part of a marketing, creative, product or finance team, they will be able to use Flow properly.


Using media to captivate users

An efficient way to help people quickly understand a process is to show it to them. In this case, media have proved to be very effective. So, images, audios and videos are used to captivate and increase conversion. Flow uses images and videos to explain how to use the platform.

Combining instructions with CTA to drive to action

More important than educating users is ensuring that they will also use the solution. In addition to the instructions, Flow adds CTAs to direct users to the next step of the process. Call-to-action is a useful technique to get people take action immediately. Here, Flow visitors are compelled to take the right action, which helps a lot in customer success process.