Chaperone gives you a total control over the look and style of all your tutorials. You can match your tutorials colors with your website or web app design. You can also customize the Chaperone help system to better answer your users inquiries.

Easily adapt to your business.
Keep your tutorials private or public.


You don't want to broadcast your tutorials. You need them to be viewed by selected people. It is possible. Chaperone gives you the ability to keep your tutorials private. It is a way to define and control who can view your tutorials according to the project you are working on.


You can reach your prospects and users anywhere with Chaperone. You just have to share your tutorial link on social networks. Select a network and share your tutorial to increase your impact. Chaperone offers you the possibility to share via email, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn directly from your editor.

Use social networks to increase impact.
Help your users understand your product.


When your tutorials are embedded in your website or web app, all your visitors and users view them as part of your website. You help them complete their actions on your website or web app and engage them. Chaperone provides you a possibility to adjust how tutorials are played to your users’ behavior.


Invite people to collaborate with you on tutorials management. Create and edit your tutorials with your team using the same account. It will help you coordinate and control all tutorials you build to support users. With Chaperone team management feature, everyone in your team can contribute.

Collaborate with your team to manage your tutorials.
Get data for a successful business decision.


Chaperone analytics feature helps you measure how your tutorials are used and your visitors and users’ behavior. Our analytics system will help you get an overview of all tutorials, track your users and understand their needs and decide which specific action to take.


Do you want a total control over your tutorials? Do you need your tutorials to work offline? Chaperone allows you to export them. The process is very simple and is a great way to communicate with users, clients or colleagues.

Use your tutorials offline.
Host yourself for maximum privacy and customization.


Our self-hosting feature gives you the ability to implement a fully custom system into your website or web app. We also provide you the necessary support to install Chaperone in your system.

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